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Order Entry

This link will activate a program currently on your system. Vanguard Order Entry System

Please Note: If the above link doesn’t work for you, please tell your Internet Service Provider that their DNS tables are not up to date! You can use this direct link below to bypass the DNS lookup and connect to us directly. Vanguard Order Entry System – Direct

A quick word about Telnet. Telnet allows you to access other systems with a text based interface – similar to calling a BBS with a modem. The success and/or enjoyment of the connection experience is controlled primarily by the quality of the Telnet pro gram you are using. Do yourself a favor – use a great Telnet program! Do not use the Telnet program that is included with Windows XP – it doesn’t work properly. You can use the program that comes with Windows 7. Simply hit the Start button, then in the text box (Search Programs and Files), type “telnet -t vt100”

If you would prefer another Telnet program or to replace the telnet program which was bundled with the Windows OS, a great Telnet program can be found and downloaded from the sites below.

Net Term Home Page

Net Term Download Page

Once this software is installed it will register itself with your web browser and clicking on the above Order Entry links will work with the new Netterm program properly.

Make sure your Terminal Emulation is set for VT100 and your Keyboard Emulation is also set to VT100 with VT100 Arrow Keys Enabled. VT100 Function Keys PF1 thru PF4 are critical to succesfully placing and completing an order on this system.

If you require assistance setting up this software please contact us via E-mail Technical Support

We will attempt to help you resolve minor technical issues that may arise – however given that every computer and/or network is different it is not always possible to resolve connectivity issues without calling on advanced technical support people. If required we can put you in touch with advanced technical support personnel suitable for on site support of any size or type of network connection as well as advanced connectivity issues like firewalls and proxy servers.